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Signature GeoToken 2008

One of the things you can do in geocaching is to make what is called a signature token.  These take all sorts of forms, from wooden nickels to laminated cards , stickers, buttons, and sculpey sculptures. Whenever you find a cache, you can drop that item into it as a way of saying, “I was here.”  A side hobby within geocaching is to collect these tokens.

Another item in the geocaching arena is something called a geocoin.  Geocoins are metal and specially minted with tracking numbers whic are then used on the website.  When you find a geocoin you go to the site, punch in the tracking number, and it will log where that particular coin as been, who has carried it,  and the miles traveled.  Like tokens, there is another whole group of folks that buy, sell, and trade geocoins.

I wanted to do something between the two and didn’t have the money to put toward having my own coin minted.   I decided to grab some sculpey and figure out how to make my own.  ( I had originally thought of grabbing some of my wife’s porcelain from her ceramic supplies but was scared off  by the reminder I would need a kiln.  It might also have something to do with the sharp implements she threatened me with… )

The result was my signature token for 2008.   As I went around to various caches dropping these off, I  wanted some way to track them.  Funny it wasn’t until I was finishing up the artwork for my 2009 token that I was struck with the idea of how it could happen with little fuss.   It was one of those “ah-HAH!” moments where you feel simultanously brilliant that you came up with it and thick-headed because you didn’t think of it before.  In essence, the tracking mechanism is this page.  You’re reading it!

With the last of the 2008 tokens and on my geocache profile, I’ve written up instructions for how finders can come to this particular page and leave their comments below.  I want to hear where you found the token and any stories that might surround the cache you found it in!  Post them below.

Description:   It’s about the size of a half-dollar and made with a mold I handcarved.  The front is a symbol of a howling coyote in front of a crescent moon.  Three stars surround the coyote which represent my kids as well as the latin words which wouldn’t fit on the coin; Rideo, Venatio, and Fortuna.  I’m pretty sure they mean “Laughter, To hunt, and Luck.”  On the back is my geocaching name, the year, and a circle quartered by the four sacred directions.


I don’t expect a lot of folks to post here with a token as there are, right now, only a handful of them left for me to get spread out.  Regardless, this is the spot and, if nothing else, a warm-up for the 2009 signature token page which I hope to have up by the end of the week.

I’ll also be putting up a small tutorial as to how I make these for anyone that wants to share in the fun either with geocache tokens or just making sculpey coins.  When I get that done, I’ll post a sister link here as well.

On with the hunt!