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Summer Storm

So, my life got incredibly busy during Spring.  My apologies for not being on here more!  The weather has been just too darn good.  Up until now anyway!

We just had a major storm roll through these parts (South central Indiana).  70 MPH winds and a couple of touchdowns.  I was working on a project downstairs when the sirens went off.  Quick scramble with the kids and dogs, quick check to the internet radar, television tuned to the news channel and a careful eye on things out the window completed the severe weather circuit.  Buckets of rain which did occasionally blow in a circle came down and the wind was intense.

When the worse had passed we had some wind damage to trees.   My oldest and I wandered around and watched the creek down the hill become a raging monster.  While on the edge of the bridge we were able to see the flash flood start as the creek overpowered its banks.  We were safe where we were.  I’m glad he got to see it so he could keep it  cataloged in his head just how fast it happened.

When it was all over we were greeted not only with a double rainbow but some amazing atmospheric effects.

As the sun slowly set the western sky turned a warm color of yellow mist.   the black speck is a bat that decided to zip in just as I took the shot.  That’s what I call a happy accident…