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Rock Hound

I decided to go out for a hike this morning.  Indian Summer on the first weekend of November is always appreciated.   I woke up to a beautiful, clear, and golden Autumn morning and after a bit of coffee wandered out into it.  I’m afraid I’ve got no field pictures of this little hike. Occasionally, I just want to go for a walk unburdened by the load of the camera bag and the pressure to continually look for a good shot.  This morning, I just wanted to go for a walk.

I also wanted to hunt.

There’s a small creek that’s very near our place and it’s been around a long long time.  It meanders along an extensive series of bluffs which have now sprouted housing additions. I had researched the area on Google Maps a few days ago and decided it would be a perfect place to explore.  I like to walk creeks around here because being in Southern Indiana you never know what you might find.  It’s an inland version of beachcombing.

Thanks to my grandparents who led me to the path of birding, they also pushed me down the path of being a rock hound.  I love collecting unusual rocks, fossils, and the occasional ancient looking “thing” I might find.  I have a small arrowhead collection that used to be my grandfather’s and I’ve stumbled on a find or two in my wanderings.  Today, I wanted to go explore the nearby creek which in the past I’d not had the time to really walk.

I spent about an hour walking or sitting on the small delta where a small tributary came into the creek. Geodes are plentiful here as well as limestone pieces, chirt, and sandstone.  In the early morning the area was serene and I was able to get in a bit of birding as well, watching a few Goldfinches and Chickadees work an area of treeline.  Further up on one of the bluffs, I heard the pounding of a woodpecker then some screeching and was glad I brought my binoculars.  I was able to zoom in on a Pileated Woodpecker defending himself against either a very hungry or very young and determined Sharp-shinned Hawk.  Given the Pileated was almost twice the hawk’s size it made for some humorous viewing. Eventually, the woodpecker flew away and happened to land in a nearby tree so I could get a clear sunlit view of him.  The hawk decided to go back to looking for smaller prey and flew back toward a nearby field where I had seen some more sparrows and chickadees.

The hunt proved successful and I feel I came back with some nice pieces.  As I mentioned the area I walk is rife with geodes and chunks of crystal and I bypassed most of them.  I’ve become a bit more selective in what I drag home not only for my wife’s sanity but there is simple fact I’m close to running out of display space.

I came home with about 8 nice pieces.  Below I’ve uploaded some of the really cool ones.   As I post these I realize there is nothing for scale.  I’ll be sure to fix that in the future.  All the pieces below are about an inch to an inch and a half in size.