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To All Things A Time

Ladies and gentlemen, an announcement.

I have some news for you and I’d like to share it.  It’s a mix of good and bad.  Well, not really bad as, perhaps, bittersweet.

We’ll do the bittersweet first.  I am closing this blog down.  It will stay up through the rest of the year, however as the domain name will not expire until December.  The explanation for the decision?  It’s time for it to happen.  Key words would be “renewal” and “refocus.”  I want to thank EVERYONE who has graced these pages, left comments and come along with me through all the twists and turns over the past 3+ years.   Yeah, 3 years.  Wow!

Now, the good news.  When one door closes, another opens.

I’m starting a new blog and want to encourage everyone that has read this blog to head over there!  The link is below.

The Yote Den

I think you will find all the things that this blog has offered plus quite a bit more.  You’ll be rewarded with much more frequent postings as well!

Thank you all again and see you soon over at the Den!!!