What is this blog?

I was introduced to the outdoors and wildlife at a young age.  As I went out into the woods more and more on my own I began to deeply connect with the natural world and its rhythm.  I would wander for a day or so, sleep out overnight with only a tarp, sit in one spot for hours watching the woods around me.  I would sink into it.    I found that it is a place of insight, surprises, refuge, and peace.

As my life became busier with a full time job and a family my time away from the woods became less and less.  We moved in from the country and into the city.   I was concerned at first but  I began to understand you do not need to go to the “great wild places” in order to feel a connection to the natural world.  You are always in the arms of Mother Earth.   You can see her out the windows of your house, of your car or during a lunch time walk.  Growing older, the outdoors, nature, became my church, my holy place.

This blog is about my love of several things all of which pertain to this; the wilderness, wildlife, hiking, awareness, survival psychology and most importantly, connection.  Too many of us are ignoring the beauty and natural assets we have right within arms reach.  If we would only slow down and widen our eyes what might we see?  What might we feel?



My Photography

I come for a long line of professional photographers.  I’ve had a camera in my hand since the age of five and much of what I learned about composition, technique, and tech was through osmosis.  This happens when it seems everyone in your family is a photographer.   I’ve only lately begun to take my talent seriously and begun working towards making prints for people.  My first and foremost love within photography is, you guessed it, nature photography.

Currently, I own a Canon Rebel XT and a few lenses; the kit lens, a F4.0 75-300mm zoom, and a wonderful 1.8 85mm.  All the photography you see here is from that equipment.  I dream of one day hefting a 500mm but, for now, I work with what I have.

I try to keep a photo blog going over at Light Balance, The Art and Photography of Bryan Roberts

The Name of the Blog

Many many years ago, knowing my love of the Coyote both physical and totemic, a friend who is well versed in computer graphics gave me a small image which he had created.  Underneath an image of a coyote surrounded by clouds, stone, and Native American imagery were the words “Coyote Watches.”

When I asked him about the phrase he replied, “I heard you called that in a dream and it stuck in my head.  It just made sense.”

Since this blog talks about all the things which that phrase incorporates I felt it only fitting to use it.

My Other Passion

My other passion is writing.  I’ve just started a new blog that focuses on my drive to become a published fiction writer.  It’s called Allegory Harbor.

  1. You have done well, Coyote-Who-Sees.
    MTFBWY always…

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