Summer’s End

I’ve finally found the time and the energy to get an update to this blog!  July and August were an odd mix of pain and pleasure for me.  Matter of fact, when I look back over it all I can’t believe it was only two months.  It felt like six!

Mid-July brought the passing of my wife’s grandfather and a little over a week later, my closest friend and companion, Pooka, my dog of 12 years, passed away suddenly.  (He was featured in a previous post with my spring maple bonsai.)  I have more to say about him but, for now, let’s just leave it that his departure rocked my world.

I still wasn’t fully recovered when it was time to start planning for the first full blown, 10 day long  family vacation trip in August.  On top of that, there was medical stress, doctor’s appointments, financial issues and school starting for the kids.  All in all, I’m not sure I remember the last week of August!

The dust of all of it has finally started to settle and as one of the most intense summers in my life comes to a close, I’ve felt a yearning to work on this blog again.   During the Summer, this site was always in the back of my mind, pecking away and reminding me that it was still here, postless and waiting.  Part of my energy of returning to it was spurred, in part, by our vacation.

For the first time, we bundled the entire family up into the car and drove North of North  into Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  The area had always been restorative for me and this trip was no exception.  I was honored to be able to introduce it to my wife and children just as it had been introduced to me by my grandparents.  Passing this  onward to another generation has already been placed on my year’s list of greatest gifts.

I think the first seeds of inspiration for more posting to this blog came from that trip.  I’ve got some cool ideas and I hope you’ll enjoy where the momentum is taking me.  Some of it I wanted to do during the summer but the Universe had other ideas for me.  It’s ok.  With the scorching hot weather hopefully coming to a close, I can start moving forward in the more comfortable climate of Autumn.

Stay tuned!  Good stuff coming along shortly!


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