Howl Out

Just want to send a quick howl out to a real nice blog I stumbled across this morning.  It’s called Coyote Yipps and is focused on urban coyotes in and around the San Francisco area.

It’s work like this that helps educate people to how wonderfully intelligent a coyote can be as well as illustrating behavioral concepts that most folks don’t realize going in.  They aren’t wolves and they aren’t stray dogs!  Here in southern Indiana, the “Coyote Boys” as I call them know better then to wander into town much.  They know what will happen and so they still prefer to work at night and slink on the very edges of town.  The boys out west appear to be getting pretty bold.

I really do, in the Native American sense, consider coyotes as my brothers and I greatly appreciate the work put into this site.  Give it a look and a read when you get a chance!


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  1. Your photos on your blog are fabulous!! I love the tree with the “raised lip” — that is my very favorite, but all your trees, showing the wood, gnarled and twisted, are fabulous — these are my kind of photos. Your birds are wonderful. I’ve read a little bit of your writing — I like it very much and relate to it fully. I do the same thing with my frozen hands — the difference is that my fingers get numb after a couple of hours out in 50 degree weather if it is damp here!!! Hi to Pooka — except for the color, he/she looks a little like my “Park”. I lost him last November — we found him abandoned in a park when he was only 4 months old, one of those “one-of-a-kind” dogs. That was 15 years ago. If I get another dog, it will be an older one. I couldn’t figure out how to subscribe to your blog via technoratti. Anyway, I’ll be visiting. Janet

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