Aptly Named

Just a quick post this time.  Yesterday morning I was looking out our dining room window and noticed some activity in the building next ours.  A female house sparrow was clinging to the wood slat siding.  Not that big of a deal until I realized she was right next to a small hole.  She would peck at it from time to time and then fly away.  Then, a male landed next to it followed closely by the female.

I scrambled for the binoculars to see what exactly was going on and then I went for my camera as the male suddenly disappeared into the wall of the house. I sat and watched for about a half hour as I watched the couple beat the cold wind in their tiny apartment.  I’m not sure it’s large enough in there for the both of them at the same time.  I’ve yet to see them both fit.  One flies away and the other arrives pretty systematically.  It’s possible they already have an egg or two in there and they are taking turns sitting on the nest.

I thought it would be fun to continue documenting the couple as they obviously prepare for the coming Spring.  Another big snow storm is heading our way and I’ll be keeping one eye their direction as we go through it.  I have a feeling they’re going to be just fine.


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