It would appear the posting schedule has gotten a bit off track.  I apologize.  The past several weeks have brought with them a level of intensity I’ve not encountered for awhile.  Holidays, birthdays,  work, and aiding your partner in her dream have all conspired to make me a bit of a dull boy when it comes to writing.  The best part about stress or, as they say in the Leadership industry, “a wave of opportunities”, is  you’re given the chance to learn new skills of adaptation.

During this  time an odd thing would occur.  I would have moments, usually at my busiest, where an Idea would come to me for a post.   On the drive to work, during a meeting, mowing the lawn, etc.   I would hastily try to scribble a note.  In the evening, or perhaps at free time during lunch, I would start to write and find myself staring at a blank page or screen.  Nothing.  I’d look at the note, sit and think, and then nothing would come out.  The well was dry.  I would worry that, as time went on, I was not posting.  The more I thought about it the more frustrated I became and, as you can imagine, the less I was able to write.

As I have learned on this Taoist path I’m on, it’s best sometimes to let something go, let it float away for a bit.  I pictured leaves moving away on a stream.  I took walks at my lunch break because I wanted to and not because I was looking for pictures or material for a post.  I turned off the pressure because the pressure elsewhere was already high.  Within a few days of letting it go, interestingly enough, I found that the words to write were drifting back to me and, well,  here I am.

And that was one of the lessons.  It’s okay to release things, to let them go.

The other lesson?  That one’s easy.  When you’re constantly busy as I have been it’s rather ridiculous to try and write “Large Important Things.”  It’s far easier to gather small stones as you move about than trying to carry around large ones.   So, I’m happy to announce that as a result you will be reading a bit less from me more often rather than more of me less often.

And with that, please enjoy this amazing 5 star sunset that graced my horizon recently.



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  1. Yes, I agree. Snippetts of information or reflections are just as valid as long pieces of writing.

    And as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words so I think you filled your quota 🙂

  2. silly rabbit! you’re not on a quota system. sometimes, you’ll post more often than other times. that’s cool!! your photos and words are spiritbalm, no matter when they’re posted.

    much love for you, brother.

  3. I can relate to your posting guilt…have some of that right now! Quality over quantity wins every time. Love the sunset..a suggestion: readers would like to know where you took it. Keep up the good work and watch out for Trickster Coyote!

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