Found on the Ground

I recently took a walk around my neighborhood with my camera.  Instead of keeping my focus above my belt line, I dropped it to my feet and started paying attention.  The idea behind it?   That by changing the focus of my awareness I could change my mindset.  Life had been frantic over the previous days, shown by my lack of posts, and what could be better to help someone calm and ground then to focus on the very earth itself?

I decided to touch nothing as I went.  I would shoot only what I found with no alteration.  If I had to lie on my belly by the side of the street, I would.   As I moved along I found myself in a peaceful state, meditative.  Life is all around us.  City or country, Nature is all around us.  Many times, we walk right over it.  Life and color along the cracks of your everyday sidewalk.


I discovered that when you allow your perspective to change, you can suddenly see everyday items in a new way. The man-made can take on the shape of the natural.


My trance carried me for quite some time.  I became entranced by the world we walk over which is just as beautiful as a sunset or as balanced and peaceful as a zen garden.


There is a sublime magic in the small natural things that avoid our detection.  Just because you don’t see it from a higher perspective doesn’t mean its not there.  On your way along the path of your day, take some time to look down and study what you are stepping over.  You might just be surprised by what you see…  and experience.


This is the first post in a series which will be called, aptly, “Found on the Ground.”


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